Our Specialties

We are very particular that NO ARTIFICAL COLORING OR FLAVOR ENHANCERS will be used in MOMS KITCHEN (*except Chinese), because we want the customers to enjoy the food just the way we get it from our MOMs – “Simple and Prepared with Lot of Effort and Care”.

We are adamant on Hand-picked spices only be used for the dishes in order to create the same Aroma and Taste.Our ultimate goal is to make our guests feel relaxed, nourished and satisfied at all levels of our services and food. At the end, no matter how dedicated and serious we are at work, at Moms Kitchen you can always feel the liveliness of celebrations and enjoyment. 

MOMS KITCHEN is the only INDIAN RESTAURANT in the country that provides Dine in Shawarma and BBQ Grill along with Indian Food. This was done so that the when a family comes to enjoy their meal, the children get a bit of their junk too. But we also have made sure that Kids enjoy the Indian cuisine too, by including the less spicy delicious dishes like Kochin Kalamari, Crumb Fried Fish, Kids special meal boxes etc.

Moms Kitchen’s festivals have been a huge part of celebrations across Qatar. A Varieity of festivals have been hosted at the restaurant:

Punjab Food Festival ‘18
Kebab Festival
Dosa & Poori Fest ‘17
Seafood Fest ‘18
Puttu Fest ’17
Biryani Fest ‘17
Thattukada Fest & many more..