Tandoor - Grills -North Indian- South Undian

A Family with Passion for Food and a history of celebrating every occasion with wide variety of Food since decades; was looking for a business opportunity to recreate their dream; of owning a restaurant showcasing the traditional flavors inherited.

The Ladies of the Family were inspired by both their grandmothers who loved to cook, and their kitchen became a part of the foundation for their passion of cooking. They began developing recipes at a very young age and started preparing for their private gatherings at Home and other Relatives’ parties. For them recreating every recipe shown by their Mother and Grandmothers’ were the base of all the new recipes that they tried and mostly trying to recreate the same flavors and magic. They were always amazed at the way their Mothers and Grandmothers used to take the utmost care and affection in preparing a single meal and they wanted that same warmth to be reflected in their preparation.
And they began a Home Catering on a small scale with a group of Housewives and started packing tiffin for the working Executives and catering to parties, giving it all a Homely Touch – Just like how a Mom packed food for her Children. There was a growing demand for the flavorful food and they wanted to take it to a next level and the Familycame together to recreate this dream to reality with the leading Business Entity – WELLCAREGROUP. And MOMS KITCHEN is born….

This is a story of family ties, love for good food and a journey filled with adventure.